What we do…

Frontier Science Partnerships is a full-service scientific and business alliance partner, providing outsourced staffing to expand your company’s research, production, and business service capabilities.

What are the advantages to partnering with FSP?

  • Leverage FSP’s proven track record of recruiting and hiring highly qualified scientists and business staff
  • Become part of FSP’s established network with businesses and universities
  • Streamline your business operation by utilizing FSP’s existing administration staff, including accounting and HR functions (e.g. time & attendance, performance reviews, policy adherence, payroll, etc.)
  • FSP’s established OSHA track record, as well as existing safety and ergonomic programs and policies to provide a higher level of worker safety (e.g. lone worker policy, emergency action plan, etc., tailored to each partner’s site)
  • Mitigate HR and OSHA liabilities and risk
  • Confidentiality agreements in place for all work performed
  • Co-employment risk resolved through FSP’s employment policies and practices and by its structure
  • Provide options to hire our contractors on as permanent employees after completing defined contract terms
  • Accountability for all work with full access to FSP leadership
  • Flexibility for staffing to be located at partners location or FSP’s location
  • Project management with supervision in place for operations, or operational/technical direction provided by the partner company

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Who we are…

Tony Guida – Vice President

Tony brings 29 years of industry experience in agricultural biotechnology research & development as both a scientist and manager with the DuPont Company.  His focus with his DuPont tenure was molecular biology, bioassay development, controlled environments operations (greenhouses and growth chambers), insect rearing, regulatory, and ISO9001 certified.  Tony has over 8 years of site administration experience with Frontier Science Partnerships regarding operations with our Alliance Partners.  As a Vice President of Alliance Partnerships, Tony focuses on employee administrative management, alliance partner management interactions, technical manager interactions, policy writing, HR, recruiting and hiring, and accounting tasks.  Tony holds BA degrees in both Biological Sciences and Psychology from the University of Delaware.

Sam Malusa – Assistant Site Manager

Sam has been with Frontier since 2017, where his early work focuses ranged from Agricultural Research to Seed Technology. As Assistant Site Manager Sam is responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of day-to-day site operations by assisting in everything from account management to hiring and recruitment, as well as working as the sites Lead Ergonomic Auditor. Sam’s previous professional experiences range from leasing and contract management to hydroponic plant production for large scale bacterium inoculation. Sam holds a BS in Agriculture and Natural Resources from the University of Delaware.

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